The Emeo

The Emeo

The EmeoThe EmeoThe Emeo

A digital practice horn for saxophone players


The Emeo is a digital musical instrument with the same feel as a real saxophone. 

Whether you are preparing for a concert, learning new music, improving your technical skills, or just having a good time, the Emeo’s authentic saxophone mechanism, means that you can pick it up and play straight away -  there is no need to spend time learning to play it.

The Emeo can be used with or without a mouthpiece, and even without blowing the instrument at all. 

The Emeo is not intended to replace traditional saxophones, rather to be the perfect practice instrument. It is also compact enough for you to be able to easily travel with it alongside your main horn.

The Emeo connects with all DAW programs on smartphones, tablets and computers via bluetooth and USB.   



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